College Financial Planning


十大菠菜靠谱平台的大学 recognizes that college financial planning is of great importance to you 和 to your family.  We work to make a Huntingdon education affordable for every student who desires to enroll. 

Nearly all of Huntingdon’s undergraduate students receive some form of institutional scholarship or grant 和 federal aid.

The pages in this section will inform you about the types 和 amounts of undergraduate financial aid available from Huntingdon in the form of grants, 奖学金, 贷款, 和 work-study from federal, 状态, 和 institutional sources. You will also find instructions for completing financial aid 和 scholarship application processes, accepting your financial aid offer, 学杂费, 学生支付, 计费, 和账户.

A quality college education is one of the most important investments you will ever make. In this changing world, graduates need the best preparation possible as they enter their professions. 在这个时代, technological competence, 全球意识, ethical 和 responsible leadership, 尊重价值观, 和 sound critical thinking skills hold more importance than ever before. If Huntingdon is your first choice college, we will do all we can to make the education of your dreams both accessible 和 affordable.


如果你有问题, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services or one of the following offices:

New Students—Financial 援助

College Affordability Adviser: Mr. 汤米Dismukes
东美景大道1500号nue, 蒙哥马利,al36106
(334) 833-4497 • 1-800-763-0313
传真:(334)833-4347 admiss@hawks.十大菠菜靠谱平台.edu

Returning Students—Financial 援助

Office of Student Financial Services, Ms. 布列塔尼戴维斯
东美景大道1500号nue, 蒙哥马利,al36106
(334) 833-4428 •传真:(334)833-4235